Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Big Boy

It's funny.  I wrote yesterday about struggling with life choices and then later in the day I actually sent Dave a text that said,

"I am NEVER EVER having a second child."

Yesterday was a rough day for Anderson and me.  He's usually such a good boy that when we have off days it really throws me for a loop.  Anderson and I have something in common: we both love to sleep and are really good at it.  Anderson has slept through the night since he was 3 months old and takes a solid 2-3 hour nap every day.  We used to take our nap (yes, I nap too) together in the same bed every day, but in the last couple of months he's wanted to sleep in his crib.  Although I miss him fiercely, we probably both get better sleep.  Yesterday, for whatever reason, Anderson didn't want to nap.  He was in his crib, talking, singling, yelling, walking around.  He was pretty much doing everything except napping.  I went in and tucked him over and over and over.  Then I hear this loud THUD and crying.  Shit!  I ran as fast as my broken hip would allow me down to his room and found him on the floor.  He had climbed/fallen out of his crib.  He had never done this before, nor even tried.  We called nap time over and just hung out and played the rest of the afternoon.

Later that evening Dave and I tucked him into bed and it was more of the same - screaming, yelling, telling us he was scared - and even with us standing there he kept trying to climb out of his crib.  He would put his foot up on the spindle and try to climb.  He would stand on his pillow and throw a leg over the railing.  We went from never, ever trying to even climb out of his crib to not wanting to be in his crib at all.  We went from baby to big boy in the blink of an eye.  After trying for an hour to get him to settle down and sleep, we threw his mattress on the floor and let him sleep there.

We haven't used the baby monitor in almost a year but I wanted to make sure he was okay and not just playing all night or hurting himself.  About an hour after he fell asleep, he was on the floor, awkwardly.

Being the good parents that we are, we totally took a picture of this before putting him back in bed.  Not even five minutes later, he was back on the floor.

And that's where I left him for the rest of the night.  I covered him up and moved his pillow down and he slept the remainder of the night. 

Today, with a heavy heart, we said goodbye to the crib.  I got my hand-me-down Sauder-esque toddler bed out of the basement and put that bad boy together all by myself (without any instructions - I deserve an award).  I got a railing to help keep him from falling out and a baby gate to keep him in his room.  Anderson loved it.  And he took a great nap in it for nearly three hours.

We put some sheets from another bed on it for the short term, but bought him a super cute truck set.  He's gonna love it.

I'm not going to lie.  Dave and I shed some tears as we watched him sleeping in his big boy bed for the first time tonight.  He looks so little in that big bed.  He's growing up so fast and I'm just not ready.  Stay little forever buddy!

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Carina said...

That picture of him sleeping half on the floor, half on the mattress is hilarious! Sometimes I feel like I'm tired enough to do something like that, but oh, to actually do it! Too cute! He is getting big fast.