Saturday, June 13, 2015


I've been unfaithful.  Or I'm going to be unfaithful.  Or I plan on being unfaithful.

No, I'm not talking about my marriage.  I'm talking about my running shoes.

Finally a running post!  I know!!!

I have been wearing Saucony for a long, long time.  I wore the Omni for many years, then discovered the Kinvara for racing, and in the last year or two switched to the Ride for training.  I always loved Saucony as they always felt soft and cushiony and never let me down.  Since I had the baby, though, they have felt hard and a little painful.  I've had a hard time recovering after runs.  My calves are shot after 300 miles in them.  I just haven't been in love with them the way I have previously.

Funny enough, I've been recommending Hoka to other runs for quite a while now yet have never worn them myself.  Shoot!  I had never even tried them on.  In the last several months, however, I've been really tempted by them.  Now that I'm going to be rebounding from an injury, they intrigue me even more. 

So Friday afternoon we went to our local running store (Columbus Running Company - the best out there in Columbus, if I do say so myself) and asked about a zillion questions.  I wanted to know about longevity.  I wanted to know about breaking them in.  I wanted to know about weight.  I wanted to know if people actually "raced" in them.  I wanted to know if they're a fad.  I wanted to know why they're so expensive.  The salesman (boy, really.  The kid was YOUNG) was patient, answering all my questions and was so informative.  Then I tried on some pairs that didn't really fit, but I just wanted to get the feel of them.  Besides, I can't run for knows how much longer so it's not like I could test them anyway.

In the end, I'm on their waitlist to receive a pair of Clifton 2s when they come in the store.  I'm really excited to try them out and to see if they are any different than a "regular" pair of running shoes.  My friends who have tried them swear by them.  I hope I have the experience.  I hope they are my new shoe.  I hope they rock my world.  :)

What shoe do you run in?  How often to do you jump ship to a different shoe?  Have you ever tried the Hoka? 


middleagedrunner said...

I absolutely love my hokas, I race in them and they hold up really well. They are light and cushioned and I feel better than ever in them.
My best friend tried a pair and hated them though hahaha, so I will be interested to see what you think!

Carina said...

Put me on the list of those awaiting your review. I'm curious.

Anne said...

Basically I buy shoes based on how they look. Who cares about motion control? BUT I bought hokas based on how I thought they felt, what I read about them. Yes I get made fun off, and I think they are slightly ugly and people think I am wearing those shape-up shoes BUT I do think they are better. I have less aches and pains wearing them, they are good for narrow feeted people, and I think they help my speed. So my experiment of one has been deemed a success.

Anne said...

One other think, the tread on my oneones are NOT holding up- they are some sad foam, look for vibram soles

Nick Frerman said...

I wear Mizuno Wave Riders.

I was fit in these several years ago and really like them. I tried to push to a new shoe about 2 years ago and wound up in a Nike. It was so terribly, they only last a few runs before they were retired to lawn mowing shoes.

I may try again shortly because Newtons are interesting, but I am not quite there yet.