Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Bought a GoPro

For Father's Day I bought Dave a GoPro Hero 4 Silver.  An expensive gift, I know, but it was a gift for us, for the whole family.  We have been talking about a GoPro for quite a while.  However, we aren't exactly climbing Everest or jumping out of planes so we had a hard time justifying it.  We're not exactly a family to sit at home either.  Anderson has been to over a dozen states.  He has flown on an airplane many, many times.  He's been to the ocean.  He's been hiking in Glacier National Park.  He has run his first race.  Sure, yes, maybe we're not scaling cliffs or going on The Amazing Race, but we still live a pretty fun life.  I want to record that life.  I want pictures of our great adventures.  I want Anderson to remember the amazing times he's had.  Yes, we have a swanky DSLR camera.  Yes, we have iPhones, but the GoPro is quicker and easier to carry and will be a great addition.

I got a great deal on the GoPro.  REI had a bundle of the camera, a selfie stick (originally $80ish), and a hard-sided case for the camera and it's accessories for the same price as the GoPro.  I used my REI dividends from last year as well as some money I had been saving and a gift card I had received from my birthday and only spent about $150 out of pocket.  Plus, we got a memory card at Best Buy for $50 off the original price.  Win!

We took the camera to the pool on Father's Day to test it out.  It's awesome although it's a little weird to get used to.  It's really small - smaller than my phone.  I got my finger into a lot of pictures.  And it's in a waterproof case so there is no going back and reviewing your pictures to see if you like them after taking them.  You just take and take and take and hope something turns out.  We've still got a lot of figuring out to do with it, but so far we love it.

Here's a sample of a picture we took.  I love how clear it is and how it stopped the motion of the water.

Do you have a GoPro or other camera you like to carry all the time?  What do you use it for?  What adventures are you planning that you'd like to have a GoPro?

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